Real Celebrities. Real Singles. Real Fun.

Celebrity guests help real singles get fixed-up on a date live on stage!

J. Keith van Straaten hosts this new hybrid Panel/Dating show with special Celebrity guests and REAL singles looking for love.

A Panel of three people –two who know the Single person well and one celebrity who has never met the person—interrogates potential Suitors in an effort to find a match for him/her.  The matched pair wins a meal at a local restaurant and goes on a real date!  How did our panel do?  Come back next week to find out!

Unlike other dating shows from the last 30 years, THE FIX-UP SHOW promises civility, with no humiliation, objectifying, drunken seduction, or having to eat bugs to prove one's affection. It's a dating show where the participants have an actual chance of finding a good date. It’s all real, spontaneous, and fun for all.

It's the kind of show you could bring your mom to --or fix her up on.  Old and young, gay and straight –all are given a chance to find a match on THE FIX-UP SHOW.

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Created, Produced, and Hosted by J. Keith van Straaten
Hostessed by Patti Goettlicher
Guest hostessed by Sophia Casanova

Co-Producer - Jim Newman
Associate Producer: Justin Smith

Press Representative - Harlan Boll
(More TBA)

Video & Contestant Producer - Erin Ferdinand
Consulting Producers - Jim Newman, Laura van Straaten

Show Staff: Kevin Sullivan, Amber Wilkerson
Staff & Crew Emeritus: Rachel Merrill Moss, Michael Padden
Show Photographers - David Schinman and Jennifer Skura
Show Video - Nick Garcia & Red Reynaso

Press Representative - Richard Kornberg & Danielle McGarry

Ticketing by SmartTix

Music Composer/Producer - Adam Chester
Program Layout - Eliot Hochberg
Post Card Photo - Jolie Ruben