Where Trios Make Duets Out Of Singles.

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The Fix-Up Show in the Media

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HuffPost Los Angeles - "Wit-driven, masterful matching...  Van Straaten's fast-paced dating game show weaves celebrity with nimble wit to create a matchmaking formula with a better success rate than that of the Millionaire Matchmaker... The humanity on display is my favorite part of the show." --The Huffington Post

What to Do - "Head over to the ACME Comedy Theatre for some good old-fashioned laughs with The Fix-Up Show...  It's kind of like a live version of The Dating Game, but van Straaten is much, much funnier." --LA.com

City Guide - "Love hunters, meet your match... Tried everything from online dating to professional matchmaking services, and still find yourself single? ... "The Fix-Up Show" helps you find the humor --and maybe your true love... Sounds good to us." --City's Best

Theatre Review - "Although it's ostensibly a live-onstage dating game show, creator/host J. Keith van Straaten's comedy hybrid owes... to the immortal You Bet Your Life. Like that granddaddy of mock TV quiz programs, in which real-life contestants merely served as comic fodder for the ad lib genius of Groucho Marx, The Fix-Up Show is built around the mercurial wit and barbed tongue of the dryly impish Van Straaten. Following introductory repartee between the host and his tongue-in-cheek announcer, Patti Goettlicher... It is a tribute to Van Straaten's considerable comic chops that the show reaps a laugh quotient of which even Groucho would be proud. GO." --LA Weekly

The Guide - "Funny, intimate and everything in between... Aims for laughs and love... A live-theater matchmaking spectacle... Unlike 'Blind Date' or other comedic TV dating shows, the show retains a polite but dedicated interest in maximizing the potential for two people to eventually, you know, get it on." --Los Angeles Times

Weird News - "Although the show is meant to be entertainment first, van Straaten takes great pride at how well his celebrities have done at making matches. ... The celebrities are happy to do their part to help their fans find love." --AOL News

5 Nights Out - "Top Pick... Not to be missed." --Los Angeles Times

Get Fixed - "A hilarious live on-stage performance... J. Keith van Straaten keeps things running with spontaneity, civility and fun." --Frontiers

Hollywood Dailies - "This show fulfills people's destiny, one at a time... Or, it's just entertaining." --ReelzChannel

How To Spend Your L.A. Week - "Scrap eHarmony and forget Match.com -- let your friends and a random celebrity decide the fate of your love life. Such is the premise of The Fix-Up Show, created and hosted by J. Keith van Straaten at the ACME Comedy Theater. Either watch -- or be -- a real Angeleno looking for love, then get fixed up on a date as chosen by a panel of friends and a special guest." --City's Best / AOL

Comedy Pick - "Yes, it has come to this: hopeful LA singles can now put their romantic destiny in the hands of a panel — two people they know and one celebrity they don't — live on stage. Guided with quick wit and avuncular charm by J. Keith van Straaten (former host of Comedy Central's Beat the Geeks), the panel vets three potential suitors for the gal or guy in the hot seat, then the show sends the pair off on a real date. It's good, hilarious, cringe-y fun." --Flavorpill LA

Game Shows  - "The Fix Up Show has a lot going for it: a simple but fun premise, a great host with impeccable comedic timing, and some memorable (and recognizable) celebrities on the panel. The show is light-hearted and entertaining, combining elements of game shows, relationship shows, and comedy to deliver a solid evening of fun. ... Go see it while you can!" --About.com

Go - "The Love Connector... More suave than Richard Dawson, as natty as Jim Lange, though less square-jawed than Chuck Woolery... J. Keith van Straaten, who hosted What's My Line -- Live for a long and popular run at the Acme Theatre, was born to be a game show host." -- LA Weekly

Around Town - "Take heart, potential matchmakees; two people who know you will join the celebrity in question on the quest to find you love. Funny person J. Keith van Straaten is the host of the NYC fave." --NBC Los Angeles

Report - "A guardian angel of love... Funny man J. Keith van Straaten invented 'The Fix-Up Show.'  Think of it as a reality show live on stage." --WPIX 11 New York

Don't Miss This - "Calling all single New Yorkers, we've got something special for you...  Two of your friends, a random celebrity, and a zany host...  Stay tuned." --New York Nonstop / WNBC

NY Culture - "Effective, if unorthodox... Show host J. Keith van Straaten asked Mr. [Dick] Cavett to join a roster of celebs taking a turn at playing matchmaker, including Michael Musto, Craig Bierko and Judy Gold.." --Wall Street Journal

Spectacle - "Groovy! ... Guided with quick wit and avuncular charm by J. Keith van Straaten... It's good, hilarious, cringe-y fun." --Flavorpill NY

Singles Event Pick - "Lively! ... Thankfully, J. Keith is a man of his word and the show is a great time." --Examiner

Front Page Feature - "A true dating spectacle... Quick-witted host J. Keith van Straaten (Comedy Central's Beat the Geeks) keeps things flowing." --The Rundown

Front Page Article - "Diverse and successful... The Fix-Up Show is an authentic experience... Van Straaten consciously keeps The Fix-Up Show from becoming mean-spirited or humiliating... [It's] game show theatre: It allows us to see what we want to see. If we want a unique piece of theatre, then we can have it, but if we just want to goof off, then that’s okay, too.  "  --tdf STAGES

Review - "A Great Time... What a fun show! The host, J. Keith van Straaten, is the perfect blend of coolness and dry humor!" --BroadwayBox.com

Feature - "It's simply comedy... Van Straaten’s genuinely friendly demeanor fed the show’s breezy atmosphere... He’s careful never to outright mock the idiosyncrasies of the week’s chosen single or the wanna-be dates" --Time Out New York

La Daily Musto - "Light and entertaining." -- Village Voice

Review - "Hilarity and improvisation at its best ... The live dating game show makes a comeback with this endlessly entertaining, anything-can-happen summer must-see ... Rest assured that you will be at no loss for comedic gold thanks to van Straaten who is, to put it simply, super-fun and clearly adept at being an emcee." -- Theatre Is Easy

Article - "Triumphant... It's real, spontaneous and fun, the kind of show you could bring your mom to --or fix her up on." --Broadway World

Review -"Wacky-but-tasteful... van Straaten and company offer living proof that matchmaking, if handled with the right touch, can be as fun as it is challenging." --ShowBusiness Weekly

Review -
"Emcee van Straaten expertly tosses out bon mots and manages to intelligently tease a real-life story from each potential suitor. Though spontaneity is the name of the game he is always in command. Even if you don't usually subscribe to reality shows, you might want to check out the goings-on at the Triad." --CurtainUp

Review -"A post-modern dating game... The courtly and quick-on-his-feet J. Keith van Straaten [provides] much clean, good-natured humor." --Staten Island Advance

Trends in Dating - "What are you waiting for? ... Promises to be a very memorable evening." -- Greenlight Card Blog

No More Dating Excuses! - "Great new dating option... If you live close to New York City -- or you’re planning a trip there soon -- meet your new date on Broadway and be part of the show!" -- The Stir / CafeMom

Review - "Definitely amusing... A safe, jaunty stab at pre-gaming entertainment... More invigorating than just sitting on your couch, especially because of the possibilities for real awkwardness, or the slightly sweet warmth that may come over you from witnessing actual humans look for love un-ironically, right in front of your eyes." -- Stage and Cinema

Singles Event Pick - "Sounds much better than The Bachelorette to me."
--Single Gal in the City Blog

The Perfect Father's Day Gift For Your Single Dad - "What promises to be a very memorable evening." --McClatchy-Tribune

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