Matchmaking for an Audience. Surprisingly Non-creepy.

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What channel is the show on?
The Fix-Up Show is not on TV.  It's not on the Internet. It's not on your iPhone.  It's a live show performed exclusively for a New York theatre audience.

I'm not single. Why would I go see the show?
Because it's fun! The show is first and foremost an entertainment show performed for a live audience.  It's not a singles mixer, speed dating, or anything else creepy.  Our audiences are made up of old and young, gay and straight, married and single. 

If I come see the show, will I be called up on stage?  Will I have to participate in some other way?
No, no, no, a million times no.
As an audience member, all you have to do is enjoy the show.  All the participants in the show are booked in advance.  If after seeing the show, you decide that you'd like to participate (as many do), please let us know.

Is it a play? Improv? Standup?
Think of The Fix-Up Show as a reality show live on stage.  It's never the same show twice and there is no script.  Like improv, the show is ad-libbed and spontaneous within a set structure, but everything is real. No one is playing a character or pretending to be anywhere else but on our stage.  We don't take audience suggestions, don't employ fake accents, and don't pretend to be holding an object that we're not.

Who are the celebrity guests?
For the latest listings of celebrities scheduled to appear, please go here.  For a full listing of past shows, go here.  Or just read this:  Our previous celebrity panelists include Dick Cavett, Drew Carey, Margaret Cho, Henry Winkler, Eve Plumb, Jeff Garlin, Tippi Hedren, and Aasif Mandvi.

Are the celebrities the ones who are going out on the date?
No.  The celebrity is there on the night of the show to be a part of the panel that will fix up people on the date.  Again, the celebrity is not the one being fixed up.

So it's like "Blind Date"/"The Dating Game"/"The Bachelor"?
Not exactly.  Maybe not at all.  Unlike other dating shows you may know, The Fix-Up Show shows the matchmaking process and not the actual date.  Also, we play nice.  We're not about making people do humiliating or disgusting things to win a date, or insulting people for entertainment (teasing, yes; insulting, no).  Nobody is promised a date with a millionaire, a rock star, or whatever Cindy Margolis is.  We do our absolute best to maintain a level of civility, spontaneity, and good-natured fun.

Where do you find the singles who get matched?
All over.  Most come from referrals of people who have been on the show, some come from audience members, some people find us after checking out our press.  And of course, some folks come to us through our website. We are always looking for all types of people to fix up; so please, send us your singles!

How do I get to be on the show?

Easy!  Fill out the form here.  When we have a potential match for you, we'll give you a call.

If I'm on the show, will I be matched with somebody gross/ugly/lame?
Not on purpose.  Attraction and chemistry is subjective, of course.  But we're not out to trick you into winning a date with someone obviously inappropriate for you.  We endeavor to provide legitimate matches based on what our participants tell us they're looking for.

What if I get matched with someone I don't want to go out with?
Your date is someone that two people who know you well thought you'd have fun with; maybe they know something.  Plus, they matched you for a date, not an arranged marriage. 
We're not going to make you go out  with someone you're uncomfortable with, but we do encourage you to be open-minded.  It's a free meal and part of the fun of the show is meeting new people.  We can provide a chaperon if requested.  Really, you should go.

How many of the fix-ups have been successful?  Any marriages?

Our definition of success is if both of the people being fixed up want to go on a second date.  We run at about 60-70%. Most experts and surveys put second date odds at 10-20%.  No marriages yet, but we hope to get an invite when there are.

How else can I be involved with the show?
We're on the lookout for sponsors, partners, helpers, and bottle-washers.  Please contact us if you'd like to be on the team.

Who created the show?  What else has he done?
J. Keith van Straaten created the show and hosts it as well.  Previously, J. Keith produced and hosted "What's My Line? - Live On Stage," which played in Los Angeles and New York and featured celebrity guests including Peter Falk, Shirley Jones, Moby, David Cross, Fred Armisen, Lisa Loeb, and many more.  J. Keith also hosted the TV game show "Beat The Geeks" and often appears as a commentator on cable TV's E! Entertainment Television.

Is J. Keith single?

Did he write this FAQ?
Who else?